We offer the following clinics:

Antenatal Clinic 

Provides care throughout your pregnancy.

Run by midwife within the Health Centre.

Child Immunisation Clinic 

This is run by health visitors at a central location in the health centre.

It is extremely important that all babies and children are immunised to protect against serious childhood illnesses.
These illnesses include Diphtheria, Tetanus, Whooping Cough, Poliomyelitis and certain types of Meningitis (Hib).

These illnesses are life-threatening but thankfully now rare since the introduction of immunisation. Your child will be sent an appointment, and the importance of keeping it cannot be stressed enough.

Your health visitor will give you the date of your first appointment.

Recommended Schedule:

2 months

1st dose

Diphtheria / Tetanus / Pertussis (Whooping Cough)
Polio and Hib (type of Meningitis), Men C
3 months 2nd dose  
4 months 3rd dose  
12 - 18 months   MMR (Mumps / Measles / Rubella (German Measles)
4 - 5 years   Booster Diphtheria / Tetanus / Polio / MMR
10 - 14 years   Rubella (Girls only) - unless had MMR
10 - 14 years   BCG (Given at school) Diphtheria / Tetanus / Polio

Child Health Surveillance Clinic

This clinic aims to ensure the well-being of children up to the age of six weeks. This clinic is run jointly by the doctors and the health visitors.

Asthma / COPD Clinic

To ensure the well-being of patients with asthma. Run by the practice nurse. By appointment / invitation.

Diabetes Clinic

To ensure the well-being of patients with diabetes. Run jointly by the doctors and practice nurse. Podiatrist in attendance. By appointment / invitation.

Family Planning Clinic

Advice on all aspects of family planning.

Coronary Heart Disease, Including Left Ventricular Dysfunction Clinic

Run jointly by the doctor and the practice nurse. To monitor and advise patients with heart disease / angina.

Well Woman Services

By appointment with the practice nurse.

Hypertension Clinic

To monitor and advise patients with high blood pressure. By appointment.

Epilepsy Clinic

To monitor, advise and support patients with a diagnosis of seizures. By invitation.

Hypothyroidism Clinic

By appointment

Treatment Room Clinics

The treatment room clinics are run every day, Monday-Friday, by appointment with the treatment room nurse for procedures such as:- blood tests, injections, wound care and dressings, ear syringing and holiday immunisations.

Phlebotomy Clinic

Blood samples for testing are taken, on behalf of the surgery, at the phlebotomy clinic within the health centre. This service is by appointment only.


Holiday Immunisations

If you are travelling abroad, especially outside Europe, you may need extra vaccinations.

Please contact the surgery in good time, as some vaccinations need to be given three months before travelling. You may be required to collect a prescription prior to attending for the vaccination, which will be given by the practice nurse. For some vaccinations and certificates a fee will be charged.

Cervical Smear Tests

Cancer of the cervix is a life-threatening disease. It can be prevented, and all females between the ages of 20 and 60 are advised to have regular smear tests.

These are important because they can detect early signs of the disease, which can then be treated successfully. If detected early enough, cancer of the cervix is curable.

We operate a "call and recall" system to remind you when to attend.

Appointments are available on a daily basis.

Non-NHS Examination, Reports and Forms

A fee is payable for services not covered by the NHS. If for example you need a special examination (eg for fitness to undertake sports, pre-employment, HGV drivers), this will be undertaken during a special appointment and a fee will be charged. Charges for examinations, reports and form completion are displayed at reception and are as recommended by the British Medical Association.

Please let the receptionist know you are coming for this reason and extra time will be allotted to you.


Coatbridge LHCC takes part in the Baby Friendly Initiative to promote breastfeeding and support breastfeeding mothers. A breastfeeding room is available at all times in the health centre/practice. Please ask any member of staff for assistance.

Lanarkshire Health Council

This is an independent body, made up of 15 members of the public, to represent the public interest in the NHS. Health councils give advice and information, help with complaints about the NHS, monitor healthcare services and premises and consult the public on proposed changes to health services.

Minor Ailment Service

The Minor Ailments Service (MAS) allows patients to register with and use a community pharmacy, as the first port of call for the treatment of common illnesses on the NHS. The pharmacist advises, treats, or refers the patient according to their needs. This service is presently for those who are exempt from prescription charges and are registered with a GP surgery in Scotland (excludes patients in residential care /nursing homes).

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